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Adella Begaye

Adella Begaye is a co-founding board member of Diné C.A.R.E. She currently serves as Vice-President of the Board of Directors. Prior to 2023, she held the role of Board President for over two decades. Adella has been an active advocate for community health and environmental justice for more than 25 years. Adella has degrees in nursing and community health. She retired in 2016 as the Director of Public Health Nursing from the central part of the Navajo Nation. As a co-founding board member, she has led the organization in numerous successful campaigns, including ending irresponsible forest management and destructive overharvesting in her forest community. She continues to support Diné C.A.R.E. in demanding accountability of the fossil fuel industry on the Navajo Nation, promoting sustainable and regenerative practices and renewable technologies.

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