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Anna Frazier

BOD At-Large

My name is Anna Marie Frazier of Todichiinii clan, born for Honaghaahnii, Naashtezhi/Tabaaha (Maternal-grandfather), Todikozhi (Paternal-grandfather), Most of my work experience has been in education - Private Schools and public schools where I performed administrative work, recruitment and fundraising for private schools. My limited education consisted of a couple of years of business admin in Albuquerque, NM.  Due to raising children, my job experiences were short term in BIA Schools, Public Schools, and private schools as an administrative aide, recruitment, fundraising, School Board, etc.  


My first advocacy experience was when I served on the Board of Rehoboth Christian Hospital in Gallup, NM in 1987-90. During those years alcoholism was at a high rate in the city of Gallup, NM and named "drunk Town". The hospital experienced a lot of patients with injuries and deaths due to drunkenness.  We organized a march to Santa Fe, NM to add 2% of liquor sales for rehabilitation in McKinley County, also to close the liquor drive-in windows. We were successful. It was worth the 200 miles walk from Gallup to Santa Fe. A detox center was built in Gallup and throughout the state of NM.


My involvement with Dine' CARE started when I returned home (Dilkon) in 1990.  I was a board member at first and eventually found myself as Coordinator (1996-2012).  Our advocacy work pitted us against the encroachment of toxic waste plants, deforestation, nuclear waste, coal-burning power plants, pollution of clean water, protection of sacred sites.