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​Diné CARE is located on the Navajo Nation and is a non-profit organization that works with many Navajo communities affected by energy and environmental issues. Since the late 1980s, community people have stood up to demand environmental protection and sustainable development practices, bringing systemic changes in tribal politics and making the grassroots voices evident in the realm of energy development.

This website provides updates, news, alerts, and a host of information pertaining to the energy issues affecting the Navajo Nation.


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Diné CARE, Citizens Against Ruining our Environment, is an all-Navajo environmental organization, based within the Navajo homeland. We strive to educate and advocate for our traditional teachings as we protect and provide a voice for all life in the Four Sacred Mountains. Our main goal is to empower local and traditional people to organize, speak out and determine their own destinies. Diné CARE - an indigenous environmental organization to protect and preserve the Diné way of life.

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