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Coal-Fired Power Plants

The Diné homeland is plagued with coal-fired power plants that damage both the land and the bodies of the people. It is a severe case of environmental injustice where the bulk of southwest power plants are placed in Diné communities. Read more about our work to organize to resist the construction and corruption of coal-fired power plants.

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Nuclear Waste

Diné people have been sacrificed for the production of enriched uranium which has been used for violence and dangerous energy sources, both of these things do not align with Diné ways of life. We now live in the toxic legacy of the cold war, where many of our people suffer from cancers and other physical issues do to the nuclear waste and tailings sites. Learn more about what Diné C.A.R.E. has done to alleviate this issue here.


Oil and Gas

The Eastern Agency of Diné Bikeyah is very important in our Creation story. It is also littered with oil and gas wells. From a bird's eye view it looks as if the earth has measles. This can contaminate the water, corrupt local politics and families, as well as generate the largest methane cloud in the country, detectable from NASA satellites and contributing majorly to global warming.

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Land Mining

Coal Retirement



Nuclear Waste & Uranium


Coal Ash


Oil & Gas